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Top 20 Sandals Brands in India That You Should Buy

Top 20 Sandals Brands in India That You Should Buy

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Top 20 Sandals Brands in India That You Should Buy

A type of footwear choice, sandals are very popular among people of all age-group in India. It’s not only comfy and casual wear during summer or indoors, but some people also prefer wearing them at work and on many occasions.

These sandals are made for both formal and casual wear, can be paired with any outfit, and above all, are suitable for men, women and children.

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Moving on, we’re going to take a quick look at footwear manufacturing companies that are popular sandals brands in India.

20 Popular Sandals Brands in India for Men, Women and Children

Here are a few popular sandals brands in India (listed in alphabetical order) that are suitable for formal and casual wear for men, women and children as well.

Although our list is exhaustive, there are several other popular brands that make great footwear, including sandals for all. And, we will mention these as well at the end.

1. Adidas

Adidas Logo

Price: INR 1,000 and above

Adidas is a well-known US-based footwear company that also has its presence in India. The brand, in addition to its wide collection of sportswear and accessories, offers premium quality sandals for men, women and kids at affordable prices that are comfortable to wear outdoors and indoors. Adidas offers unique designs and vibrant colours that go well with casual outfits. Their sandals have a soft cushion that allows the wearer to walk safely and comfortably on any surface. Their every merchandise collection has a unique theme and is beautifully designed.

The brand is famous for its excellent customer service, huge variety of clothing and accessories products, and reasonable prices. Adidas is a very well-known brand in every family and is extremely popular among India’s youth.

2. Aqualite

Aqualite Logo

Price: INR 300 and above

Aqualite is one of the trusted and popular footwear companies in India, having its roots deep in the in-house footwear industry. The company has a highly specialised and scientific approach in their shoe-making business in the country.

Aqualite is the perfect example of engineering solutions. The company produces some of the best-in-class, comfortable and affordable footwear for Indian consumers. The company is backed by their own Aqualite Footwear Research Institute, which mainly carries out research work in the manufacturing of quality merchandise, thus creating affordable, yet highly comfortable footwear.

3. Bata

Bata Logo

Price: INR 300 and above

Bata is a well-known and the most trusted Czech-based footwear brand in India. Their sandals are ideal for consumers of all age groups. Bata is one of India’s leading sandal brands, so as their brand name. It offers a large collection of footwear, which includes formal, casual, home, party, and adventure wear. The brand does not compromise on its good quality and comfort, and it responds to everyone’s needs.

Bata’s wide range of sandals, flip-flops, and floaters are designed to meet the demands of people from all walks of life. The brand also features a great selection of high-quality leather sandals for individuals who want to combine design and comfort. Bata’s long-lasting sandals are available to all age groups of people.

4. Clarks

Clarks Logo

Price: INR 1,000 and above

Clarks is one of the most popular footwear brands in the international market. The company has recently opened its doors to Indian consumers. Originating from Somerset, England, Clarks was founded in 1825, sometimes also known as C&J. The brand is commonly known for its Desert Boot collection, which is available in ankle height design and has crepe rubber soul underneath. Clarks is also famous for its sensible, fashionable footwear, and having a higher durability margin in its merchandise.

Clarks is one of the best brands you will find in the footwear market and are made for the top sandals brands in India. The brand also offers the best leather shoes to consumers. The footwear brand has more than 1,400 stores and franchises all over the world.

5. Crocs

Crocs Logo

Price: INR 1,000 and above

Crocs is a US-based footwear company that has become one of the most widely known brands in the world and in India. Their uniquely designed sandals are loved and worn by both the young and old masses in the country. Whether it’s summer or monsoon, Crocs’ sandals have become a fine choice for many people, as these offer comfort, and durability, and are pretty lightweight on the feet.

Crocs sandals do not clog when coming in contact with water and are really comfortable to wear. Perhaps, their sandals are the best footwear and are also incredibly affordable.

6. Fila

Fila Logo

Price: INR 1,000 and above

Fila is a popular Italy-based fashion and lifestyle brand founded in 1911 and made its presence all around the world. This brand is also one of the most popular brands in India. Among several clothing and accessories, Fila’s sandals and floaters are a good choice for many people in the country. These are crafted using innovative technology. The brand ensures detailed panel and stitches detail with impressive cut work detail ensuring your feet enjoy the perks of quality footwear. A Textured sole bed and the padded footbed ensure a confident, comfortable walk.

Fila, this brand is one of the largest manufacturers of sportswear. The brand also designs and manufactures casual footwear and as well as clothing for men, women, kids, and athletes.

7. Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies Logo

Price: INR 1,000 and above

Hush Puppies is a US-based brand that is known worldwide for its range of designer, yet casual and affordable footwear collections for men, women, and kids. The brand also offers some of the most desirable sandals and shoes, especially their range of casual and formal shoes.

8. Khadim’s

Khadim’s Logo

Price: INR 500 and above

Khadim’s is a popular footwear brand in India that offers a range of shoes, including sandals to consumers. Men’s sandals from Khadim’s are trendy and dashing. The company has a genuine Indian style. Khadim’s was launched in India in the early 1980s and since then, it has become a well-known footwear company owing to the high quality of merchandise that the company offers to consumers in the country.

Khadim’s sells genuine leather sandals, formal clothing, and casual wear. The company has several retail stores which are located in different cities within the country.

9. Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper Logo

Price: INR 1,000 and above

Lee Cooper is a popular UK-based denim brand that entered the Indian market in the early 21st century and has grown steadily since. Lee Cooper is also one of the well-known sandal brands in India as it makes sandals to suit the latest fashion. The brand introduced a new style and welcomes the new generation to wear their western fashioned sandals in India.

The designs of the brand’s sandals are beautifully made. Because of the unique style and adaptability of its sandals, Lee Cooper produces the most beautiful and attractive sandals for both men and women. Also, their collection of formal sandals is stunning and something that every modern man and woman would want to wear.

10. Liberty

Liberty Logo

Price: INR 800 and above

Liberty Shoes is a popular brand of footwear in India. They also offer a range of sandals for men, women and kids that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities. For more than 50 years, the brand has created trust among consumers in India and provided high-quality footwear for both casual and formal wear. The brand currently has more than 6,000 outlets and over 400 retail stores located in various cities. There are also over 150 wholesalers that supply footwear throughout the country.

Liberty is a wholesome company offering their footwear collection to consumers for every occasion. The company also provides free shipping and friendly staff, which adds to its popularity. Liberty is also recognised for producing high-quality sandals for all age groups. They come in a variety of styles, and colours, and are very comfortable to wear.

11. Metro

Metro  Logo

Price: INR 1,000 and above

Metro is a national retailer with over 200 stores located in different cities in India. The company is known for producing high-quality, well-crafted, and trendy footwear for men, women and kids. The brand offers a wide selection of collections, including shoes, sneakers, and sandals. They offer the best variety, style, comfort, and price for their merchandise. Metro offers a variety of brands under one roof, making it simple for consumers to select the right footwear for any occasion.

Metro provides high-quality footwear that is stylish and elegant. It has a vast choice of sizes, colours, and patterns. Metro provides the trendiest sandals in India and is quite popular among men and women. As per your requirements, Metro is a one-stop shop for all your footwear needs.

12. Mochi

Mochi Logo

Price: INR 1,000 and above

Mochi offers a wide collection of footwear, and the choice continues to expand as new patterns are introduced each season. Mochi is well enough to satisfy its customers with luxury and excellent designs, which is why the brand has become one of India’s most popular footwear companies. Their price range is also extensive. Their sandals are fairly priced and well worth buying. Each sandal in the Mochi series is skilfully made and etched with multiple delicate colours. The brand also offers fantastic prices and makes high-quality footwear.

Mochi is very known for its footwear, but the brand also makes backpacks, belts, socks, mobile accessories, shoe care items, and lightweight clothing.

13. Nike

Nike Logo

Price: INR 1,000 and above

Nike has some of the most premium quality-built and well-designed sandals for men, women and kids in India. The major clothing and accessories brand offers high-quality footwear that is carefully created to offer its customers the best fit and at the best price. Nike is committed to producing merchandise that is both excellent for the customers and environmentally friendly. Their footwear collection usually combines new qualities that make them more attractive to the wearer.

The brand offers an outstanding design, innovative sandals, and a wide price range, making it available to most Indian consumers. Nike sandals are available in various colours, like black, green, purple, blue, red, orange, and grey.

14. Paragon

Paragon Logo

Price: INR 200 and above

Paragon is a very popular footwear brand in India that was launched in 1975. Their rubber footwear continues to be the company’s leading product line. The Paragon brand name brings its long-standing assurance of quality and durability to a full range of other footwear products, which are mainly made from materials like Poly-Urethane (PU), Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA), Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC),  Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) soles too.

Paragon also has an in-house footwear design team dedicated to creating new unique designs and models to keep up with market demand.

15. Provogue

Provogue Logo

Price: INR 500 and above

Provogue is a popular fashion and lifestyle retail business owned by Provogue (India) Limited. The Provogue Brand was launched in 1998 as a Menswear fashion, providing a range of contemporary clothing and accessories with a styling that was quickly established in the Indian market. Provogue’s fashion collections are available through more than 350 outlets across 73 cities pan-India.

16. Puma

Puma Logo

Price: INR 1,000 and above

Puma is a Germany-based popular fashion and lifestyle merchandise manufacturer and a known brand in India. Puma has strived to build the biggest, most reliable brand in the world. When it comes to comfort and durability, mixed with accessibility and brilliant design features, Puma remains one of the top brands to achieve high standings in the international market.

Puma sandals are some of the best outdoor sandals in India that offer good designs, great materials, durability, and functionality.

17. Reebok

Reebok Logo

Price: INR 1,000 and above

Reebok is another major clothing and accessories brand from the USA, having its presence worldwide and in India as well. The brand offers all kinds of merchandise, from clothing to footwear to various accessories for sports and casual needs. Reebok’s main aim is to provide quality clothing and accessories for athletes. With major collaborations, Reebok is well set to maintain its status as one of the leading sports brands for many more years to come.

Among several items, they also offer a range of sandals that are made with unique designs, have colour options and provide comfort and durability. The Reebok brand sandals and floaters come with an outer material of synthetic leather or velcro and a rubber sole material. A padded footbed and textured sole ensure comfort for your feet. The buyer can also purchase Reebok sandals with adjustable velcro straps, making it easy to adjust the fit according to your convenience. Reebok sandals and floaters for men are available in different colours variants like dark, neutral, and vibrant colours.

18. Relaxo

Relaxo Logo

Price: INR 700 and above

Relaxo makes the greatest sandals for men, women and children in India. The company is very popular among Indian families for many years and is a top pick in the footwear market. Relaxo is a brand that is a massive manufacturing player that manages to combine both comfort and style. The brand offers a wide selection of styles, from casual to festive.

Relaxo is a large company that owns other brands, such as Sparx, Schoolmate, Flite and The Bahamas, respectively. Sparx is a specialist sports line for busy people who desire superb and amazing sandals. Schoolmate offers a range of footwear that is specifically designed for school-going children. Flite is a high-end shoe collection that includes both formal and casual styles. The Bahamas line of shoes offers both casual wear and beachwear that includes slippers, floaters, etc.

19. U.S. Polo Association

U.S. Polo Association Logo

Price: INR 400 and above

U.S. Polo Association is one of the biggest fashion brands globally. Officially sanctioned by the United States Polo Association, their merchandise sold worldwide provides great detailing and comfort to their consumers. Also, U.S. Polo sandals and other footwear collections for men and women are some of the most fashion-ready choices in the market today.

They are a combination of functionality, great design aspects, quality of product, and as well as comfort.

20. Woodland

Woodland Logo

Price: INR 1,000 and above

Woodland is a popular Canadian-based fashion and lifestyle brand offering a wide range of clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women. Woodland arrived in India in the early 1990s and was an instant success when it introduced something that was never seen before in the Indian market, i.e., quality leather stitched footwear, which also includes sandals.

Woodland has always been recognised for making premium quality, well-designed and durable footwear. Woodland is one of the most loved brands in India. Their sandals are unique and durable, and also comfortable for outdoor activities. The majority of the designs are waterproof. Woodland guarantees high quality and low costs. It is one of the leading leather footwear brands, with some of the most famous leather footwear brands. The brand gives high-quality footwear and does not disappoint in any scenario.

Wrapping Up

We would also like to make a few other mentions that are in the business of manufacturing and/or retail distribution of quality sandals for men, women and children in India. These brands include RedTape, Sparx, and more.

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