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Top 20 Indoor Games In India

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Top 20 Indoor Games In India

These indoor games are a good option if you want to pass the time without leaving your house. There is no age limit on indoor games. To make your evening more special look for some indoor activities to play whether you are entertaining guests or just hanging out with friends.

In addition to finding entertaining activities that will make you laugh indoor games need to develop strong social bonds. Taking time apart from your regular indoor games is a great opportunity to strengthen relationships with family and friends. These indoor activities can liven up your get together with more fun and laughter. In this blog, we are going to discuss about best indoor games.

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Best 20 Indoor Games Name

 The following is a list of indoor games name with picture:

1. Ludo

Ludo image

A group of two or four people can play ludo on an ordinary board or with mobile devices in Zupee Ludo. The object of the game is for each player to move tokens from the starting location to their house after rolling a die. When a player controls a die the token is moved in accordance with the number the dice indicate based on the number on top of the dice. This game helps with both strategy and opponent defeat. When two people play from 1 to 1 the game normally lasts 10 minutes.

2. Snakes and ladders 

snake and ladder image

One of the most well known and classic board games is Snakes and Ladders which teaches you to anticipate potential obstacles so that you can overcome them and accomplish your objective. In this game which focuses around growth and setbacks the player rolls a die and advances their peace on the numbered blocks. When a piece lands on a square with a ladder the player can move it higher until the ladder stops. whereas a player will have to respond to the snake story if they see its head. In summary the tail of a snake represents regression whereas a ladder represents advancement.

3. Cards Games

card games image

Bluffing and gambling on global cooperation in card games like good names where teams are hidden by understanding are common. It is the one of best card games for adults. Card games are mostly strategic in nature but they also offer a wide range of enjoyment options. Through critical thinking, social interaction, string probability evaluation and game design each game illustrates a unique strategy and mechanism. Any card game can be played based on your tastes and the dynamics of the group.

4. Tambola

tambola image

A straight line or a full house are only two of the patterns that must be completed in this game which calls for fast decision making and focus. After receiving a grid of randomly selected numbers players in this game utilize tokens or markers to hide the called out numbers. If you are highly focused you can play tambola a game that will provide you with an immersive experience as players excitedly advance to the next number in hopes of winning.

5. Carrom

carrom image

The popular tabletop carrom game has delighted players for centuries all across the world. This cleverly straightforward game which has its origins in the Indian subcontinent, blends shuffleboard, billiards and finger flicking skills to produce an incredibly captivating experience. The goal is to insert round discs, or carrom men into each of a square hardwood board’s four corner pockets using a little wooden striker. 

6. Snooker

snooker image

The snooker game is a captivating cue sport that has enthralled players and spectators for generations. This complex game which dates back to the British Indian Army in the late 19th century requires players to be steady handed, precise and strategic as they move a white cue ball around a table covered in green felt cloth to hit a set of colored balls precisely and sink them one by one into the pockets that line the table edges.

7. Twenty Questions

twenty question image

Twenty Questions game is one of the most exciting thrill guessing games where players must consider what the other player is considering a concept. After learning what the player is thinking about through more than 20 yes or no questions the group can construct each scenario that is possible. This is a game that requires brains, coordination and fun times with friends. Additionally it promotes mental stimulation and positive group dynamics.

8. Dumb Charades


A difficult game called Dumb Charades requires the player to guess the names of famous people works of fiction, motion pictures, or television series. If you want to win this game then 3 idiot is one of the best bollywood movies for dumb charades. While a team member makes gestures to indicate what the other team has challenged him with. The goal of this game is to deliver the title that the other team has given you. The fun dynamic of this game will encourage humor and artistic expression in your group of friends.

9. Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi

raja mantari chor image

Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi requires the player initially. There are four chits in this improving game that have the names Raja Mantri Chor and Sipahi on them, which adds to the excitement. The Mantri must determine whether the player has sipahi and which has the cheat of chor in order to protect the person who draws Raja. The player points will be transferred to Chor if, when reviewing The Identity of Chor, he receives a point that leads to an incorrect response.

10. Uno

uno image

Players of all ages adore playing the traditional color matching card Uno game. Being the first player to eliminate every card in their hand by carefully matching colors or numbers is the game basic goal and it may be played with an incredibly basic strategy. The dynamic gameplay that develops when players participate in a never ending contest of wits and try to outwit their opponents by using a flurry of special action cards however is where Uno true depth and thrill lie.

11. Passing the Pillow

passing the pillow image

Passing the pillow game can make a nice lunch. The rule is very simple the group forms a circle one person positions the DJ and when the music starts up again everyone has to transfer the pillow to one another. The player holding the pillow will be eliminated from the game when the DJ turns down the music and they will be forced to come up with some inventive ways to pass the time such as dancing, singing, or doing whatever else the other players suggest.

12. Guess the sound

guess the sound image

Guess the sound of an indoor game to bring your party to a higher level. In this game one player will wear a blindfold while the other gathers objects that make various noises and puts them within a box. The blind player must determine which instrument is being hit when one of the players makes a sound with the object. The friend wearing the blindfold will win the round if he provides the correct response and the game will then proceed with that friend. This engaging and distinctive game is a great way to spend time with friends or at a get together that is sure to make everyone laugh.

13. Join The Dots

join the dots image

Up to 10 players can participate in this game with a minimum of two players required. Each player in this game has a pen and on a sheet of paper several dots have been drawn. The players task is to connect the dots to form boxes. The winner is the player who links the greatest number of boxes. This game can help you develop your strategic thinking skills and bring back the happiness of your youth.

14. Chess

chess image

People all over the world have been attracted to the timeless and interesting board game chess for centuries. Fundamentally the game of chess is a logical war between two opponents who aim to outmaneuver one another by making a sequence of well planned plays and countermoves. Each player controls an army of sixteen pieces which include the formidable king, the agile knight, the cunning bishop, the sturdy rook, the adaptable queen, and the modest but crucial pawn. 

15. Simon Says

simon image

simon says game old school command based game. This challenge is entirely dependent on Simon ability to confuse the player into making the incorrect move as he states that everyone participating in the game should command. For the next round the player who is left becomes Simon and his job is to ensure that everyone laughs and acts in a predictable manner. This is a fun and engaging game to play with friends.

16. Treasure Hunt

treasure hunt image

In the treasure hunt game you have to hide treasures or money in various parts of your house. You can aid the gamers in their quest by giving them hints. It can be hidden anyplace in your house. In order to locate clues and secret wealth the buddies must cooperate to solve brave puzzles in this game. You also need to set up a lot of gifts, such as bottles, cell phones, eraser pencils, bangles and boxes of other items.

17. Chinese Whisper

chinese whisper image

Chinese whisper game requires you to form a circle and whisper a lengthy complicated sentence into the year of the player sitting next to you in order to begin. Once it reaches the final player it then travels from one individual to another. Next a comparison is made between the final race and the initial term that was shared among the participants. Comparing that last sentence to others makes it incredibly funny because each person organized it differently and someone else misunderstood it and passed it too.

18. Musical Chairs

musical chairs image

games like musical chairs you have to arrange seats in a circle one fewer than the total number of players. When the music stops all of the players must find a seat to sit on the person who is standing. They begin to circle the chairs. One person is needed to turn the music on and off after elimination. To increase the enjoyment factor of this game you can select any amusing, romantic, or depressing song.

19. Blindfold Game

blind fold image

In The blindfold game, one player can move around the area while strapped to a cloth across his eyes. This game combines surprise and thrill as you play the timeless game of hide and seek in a different dimension. This is a game you may play on a balcony or terrace. Add more rules and twists to make this game more entertaining for your friends.

20. Indoor Bowling

indoor bowling image

indoor bowling game that you may play outside on the patio or veranda. You have to set up empty bottles or cans in a specific way before adding a paper or plastic ball to the mix in order to play this game. Each participant has three chances to knock down every empty bottle or can.


In conclusion, each of these indoor games is thrilling and provides a fun mix of enjoyment and memories. These games relieve the old favorite and add a fresh twist making them ideal for encouraging friendship and lazing among all the friends. These games are all best enjoyed during any cousin or family get-together. These games are entertaining, versatile, and suitable for both big and small spaces. These games provide enjoyment and brain stimulation for adults and they can be played with the energetic or the weary.

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