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Top 20 Biotechnology Colleges in Dehradun for Aspiring Biotechnologists

Top 20 Biotechnology Colleges in Dehradun

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Top 20 Biotechnology Colleges in Dehradun for Aspiring Biotechnologists

Students of Science stream seeking to pursue advance studies in the field of Biotechnology from one of the top ranking biotechnology colleges in Dehradun may find this list quite useful.

Biotechnology Course and Career Prospect

Biotechnology is the branch of molecular biology that studies the use of micro-organisms and plant species to perform specific industrial processes. It combines two disciplines, i.e., Biology and Technology. Biotechnology is thus, a branch of applied biology that uses living species or biological systems to make technical advancements and apply them to various disciplines of science.

B.Sc. and/or B.Tech in Biotechnology is a three-years undergraduate programme whereas M.Sc. in Biotechnology is a two-years postgraduate programme being offered to students at several well-established institutes in India. Students who have completed their 10+2/XII in Science stream from any recognised board can apply for bachelors and masters degree programmes in the field of Biotechnology.

Obtaining degree in Biotechnology provide opportunities to candidates not only in India but all around the globe. Their job profiles mainly include Biotechnology Engineer, Scientist, Lab Technician, Microbiologist, Epidemiologist, Bio-manufacturing Specialist, Bio-production Operator, Teacher, Project Manager etc.

They have great requirement in industries such as research firms, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food production firms, clinical research firms, laboratories, cosmetics, chemical manufacturing firms, fertilizer manufacturing firms, animal husbandry, soil biology, ecology, educational institutes, consultation agencies etc.

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Let’s take a quick look at some of the best Biotechnology colleges in Dehradun that offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes to students in this specialisation.

20 Best Colleges/Universities to Study Biotechnology Course in Dehradun (Uttarakhand), India

The following is an alphabetically sorted list of twenty top ranking Biotechnology colleges of Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Note: To obtain comprehensive information on admission, courses, staff, examinations, fees, facilities, placement, and more, we recommend that our readers visit the institution’s official website or physical office. This article has limitations and may not cover all relevant details.

1. Alpine Institute of Management and Technology

Alpine Institute of Management and Technology (AIMT) Image

Established in 1994, Alpine Institute of Management and Technology (AIMT) is affiliated with several prestigious institutions including Uttarakhand Board of Technical Education, HNB Garhwal University, AICTE, PCI DGCA, and MHRD. Aimt is renowned for its exceptional academic record in imparting top-notch education in various disciplines like engineering, management, life sciences, and many others, and is widely regarded as one of the premier educational institutions in Uttarakhand.

AIMT provides undergraduate, postgraduate, and polytechnic diploma programs in the domains of arts, science, and commerce. Its B.Sc. programme include courses in Information Technology (IT), Biotechnology, Agriculture, Forestry, and Honours in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME).

The institute provides various amenities to its students such as a well-equipped campus, spacious classrooms, a comprehensive library, advanced laboratories, recreational sports facilities, a cafeteria with delicious food options, convenient transportation, and separate hostels for boys and girls.

2. BFIT Group of Institutions

BFIT Group of Institutions Image

BFIT (Baba Farid Institute of Technology) Group of Institutions was established in 2002 under the aegis of Kartar Educational & Cultural Society and has affiliations with HNB Garhwal (Central) University, Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU) and Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University (SDSUU). BFIT is acknowledged by UGC and holds accreditations from NAAC and AICTE. Students from across the globe are cordially invited to join the institution.

Its School of Life & Allied Sciences offers B.Sc. and M.Sc. programmes to students in specialisations like Biotechnology, Microbiology, Food Technology, CBZ, PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics), Statistics, Geology, Economics, Home Science, Zoology, Botany, Biochemistry, Environmental Sciences and more.

3. Beehive College of Advance Studies

Beehive College of Advance Studies Image

Beehive College of Advance Studies is affiliated to HNB Garhwal Central University, Uttarakhand Technical University, NCTE and IAP.

The courses offered to students at Beehive College of Advance Studies are B.Sc. Biotechnology w/CBZ, BPT, BBA, BCA, B.Sc. IT, M.Sc. Biotechnology, M.Sc. Microbiology, M.Sc. Chemistry and M.Sc. IT.

4. DBS (PG) College, Dehradun

DBS (PG) College, Dehradun Image

DBS (PG) College, Dehradun was established in 1961 and is recognised as a premier institution of higher learning. The college is NAAC accredited and is a Centre with Potential for Excellence of UGC. The College infrastructure includes a well-stocked Central Library, Department libraries for Science subjects (Post Graduates) and a Book Bank for needy students. The College has Computer Labs and ten Science laboratories.

The College offers Undergraduate, postgraduate, Self-financed, and Add-on/Vocational courses in different specialisations through respective departments to students. Its Department of Biotechnology offers self-financed M.Sc. in Biotechnology course, however, there’s currently no bachelors degree programme available.

5. Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University

Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University (DBUU) Image

Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University (DBUU) was formerly recognized as Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology (DBIT) and is an esteemed engineering institution located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. DBUU runs a constituent of schools offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in various disciplines to students. The university is part of the Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI) and it is recognised by UGC.

The School of Allied Sciences at DBUU offers B.Sc. (Hons.) courses in PCM, Nutrition and Dietetics, Food Technology, Forestry, Forensic Science, Biotechnology, Zoology as well as M.Sc. courses in PCM, Environmental Science, Zoology and Microbiology.

Its Biotech course covers a broad range of subjects such as Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Chemistry.

6. Dolphin (P.G.) Institute of Biomedical & Natural Sciences Dehradun

Dolphin (PG) Institute of Biomedical & Natural Sciences Dehradun Image

The esteemed Dolphin (PG) Institute of Biomedical & Natural Sciences, situated in Dehradun, is renowned for its outstanding academic performance. The institution provides a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degree programs in diverse fields such as Bio-Sciences, Natural Sciences, Paramedical, Commerce, and Education.

The institute has affiliations with HNB Garhwal Central University and approvals from the Government of Uttarakhand, the Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP), and the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). Moreover, it has gained recognition from UGC and IIT Madras has recognized it as a local chapter for NPTEL activities.

The institute offers B.Sc. and M.Sc. programmes to students in specialisations of Agriculture (Hons.), Forestry (Hons.), Biotechnology with CBZ, Physiotherapy (BPT), Horticulture (Hons.), Medical Microbiology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medical Lab Technology, and many more.

7. Doon (P.G.) Paramedical College & Hospital

Doon (P.G.) Paramedical College & Hospital Image

Doon (P.G.) Paramedical College & Hospital (DPMCH) is an affiliated college of the Doon Group of Colleges located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The college provides its students with practical exposure by having an in-campus OPD and affiliations with eight different hospitals and nursing homes.

The college is further comprised of several departments for Biochemistry, Physiotherapy, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medical Lab Technology (MLT), and Biotechnology, respectively.

8. GRD Institute of Management and Technology

GRD Institute of Management and Technology (GRD-IMT) Image

GRD Institute of Management & Technology (GRD IMT) is an educational institute located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. It is approved by AICTE and PCI, and affiliated with Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU). GRD IMT offers a variety of courses to students, including engineering, management, pharmacy, and many more.

The institute provides a range of degree programs including B.Sc. courses in Biotechnology, CBZ, and Agriculture among others.

GRD-IMT has formed partnership with Coursera, one of the largest global online learning platforms providing over 5,000 online courses to students.

9. Graphic Era (Deemed to be University)

Graphic Era (Deemed to be University) Image

Graphic Era Institute of Technology (GEIT) was established in 1996 and later in 2008, it was recognized as a deemed university under the UGC Act, 1956 and renamed as Graphic Era (Deemed to be University). The university also achieved an A+ grade by NAAC and has been recognized by the UGC.

GEU through its departments offer undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level programmes in Engineering, Computer Application, Commerce, Humanities and Social Sciences, Nursing, Food Science and Technology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, and more.

The Department of Biotechnology provides undergraduate and graduate programs such as B.Sc. Biotechnology (Hons. and Gen.), B.Tech in Biotechnology, M.Sc. Biotechnology, and PhD Biotechnology. The B.Tech in Biotechnology program aims to furnish students with a solid grounding in biological sciences in addition to a comprehension of diverse engineering principles.

10. Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Uttarakhand Medical Education University

Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Uttarakhand Medical Education University Image

HNB Garhwal University or Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University is a residential and affiliating institution of higher education. It was initially established as a state university by the Uttar Pradesh government in 1973 and later converted into a central university by an act of parliament in 2009. With its pan-India appeal, the university attracts students from diverse regions across the country.

The university offers undergraduate, post-graduate and research programmes in various disciplines. Its School of Life Sciences offer B.Sc. and M.Sc. courses in Bio-Chemistry, Environment Sciences, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Botany and Zoology.

11. Himalayan Institute of Technology

Himalayan Institute of Technology Image

Himalayan Institute of Technology (HIT), also known as HIT Doon, is an academic institution affiliated with HNB Garhwal University (Central University) and Sri Dev Suman University (SDSU) in Uttarakhand. It is recognized by UGC and offers a wide range of degree courses in fields such as Agriculture, Computer Application, Hospitality Management, Science, Commerce, and more. Admission to HIT is based on merit.

HIT Doon offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in several fields through its departments. Its College of Bio-Tech & Science offer courses which are B.Sc. Biotechnology, B.Sc. PCM/ZBC, M.Sc. Chemistry, M.Sc. Zoology and M.Sc. Botany.

12. Sai Group of Institutions

Sai Group of Institutions image

Sai Group of Institutions, located in Dehradun, was formerly recognized as Sai Institute of Paramedical & Allied Sciences. Affiliated with HNB Garhwal University and Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University, the institute comprises five departments and is accredited by NAAC while being recognized by UGC.

The institute has expanded its offerings and has become one of the top colleges in the field of Agriculture, Mass Communication, Business Management, Nursing, Public Health and Hospital Administration in Dehradun, Uttarakhand and of North India.

The Sai Institute of Paramedical & Allied Sciences department at Sai Group of Institutions offers B.Sc. courses in Medical Lab Technology (MLT), Medical Microbiology, Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry as well as M.Sc. courses in Medical Lab Technology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture.

13. Sardar Bhagwan Singh University

Sardar Bhagwan Singh University Image

Sardar Bhagwan Singh (SBS) University, erstwhile known as Sardar Bhagwan Singh Post Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences and Research is a pioneer institution in the field of Biomedical Sciences in Uttarakhand. The university has now ventured in the field of Engineering, Agricultural Sciences & Forestry, Basic Sciences, Commerce, Management, Hotel Management, and Foreign Languages.

SBS through its constituent school, the School of Life Sciences offers a three-years B.Sc. (Hons.) Biotechnology, two-years M.Sc. in Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Microbiology, and PhD in Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Microbiology programmes, respectively.

14. Shri Guru Ram Rai University

Shri Guru Ram Rai University (SGRRU) Image

The SGRRU, located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, is not just a medical college but also a hospital. It comprises ten constituent schools that provide a diverse array of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in various specializations to students.

SGRRU’s School of Basic & Applied Sciences offer courses in B.Sc. (PCM, PMD, PMG, CBZ, PMS), B.Sc. (Hons.) Biotechnology, B.Sc. (Hons.) Microbiology and M.Sc. courses in Biotechnology, Geology, Botany, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Microbiology and Zoology.

The institute also provide facilities such as lecture theatres, laboratories, museums, dissection hall, hospital etc. Additionally, students along with faculties are taken regularly to visit remote villages to impart community health services.

15. Swami Rama Himalayan University

Swami Rama Himalayan University Image

Swami Rama Himalayan University (SRHU) has ten constituent schools, each focusing on different areas of studies e.g., Science & Technology, Management Studies, Medical Sciences, Bio Sciences, Nursing, Yoga Sciences, Information, and Vocational Studies.

The School of Bio Sciences at SRHU offers B.Sc. (Hons.) Microbiology and Biotechnology programmes to students. There is currently no masters programme offered. The Biotechnology curriculum covers a range of subjects including molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, and bio-processing etc.

16. Tula’s Institute

Tula’s Institute Image

Established in 2006 under the guidance of Rishabh Educational Trust, Tula’s Institute is a privately-owned educational institution. Accredited with the ‘A+’ grade by NAAC, the institute is affiliated with Uttarakhand Technical University and Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University, and approved by AICTE and the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.

The institute currently offers ICAR recommended B.Sc. in Agriculture programme through its Department of Applied Sciences & Engineering. The four-year undergraduate course is specialised in subjects, such as Agronomy, Soil Science, Horticulture, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Animal Science, Extension Education, Plant Biochemistry, Agriculture Economics and Fundamentals of Biotechnology.

17. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) Image

Established in 2003 through the UPES Act, the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) offers specialized undergraduate and postgraduate programs with a focus on industry-related courses. The university caters to high-growth areas such as cloud computing, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, aerospace engineering, mechatronics engineering, fine arts, big data analytics, public administration, machine design engineering, computer science, petroleum, graphic and gaming, and more.

UPES through its constituent school, UPES School of Health Sciences & Technology offers various programmes like B.Pharm, B.Sc. (Food, Nutrition and Dietetics, Microbiology), B.Tech (Food Technology, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering), M.Sc. (Microbiology, Nutrition and Dietetics), integrated B.Sc.-M.Sc. (Nutrition and Dietetics, Microbiology) and PhD (Food and Nutrition Sciences, Microbiology).

18. Uttaranchal (P.G.) College of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital

Uttaranchal (P.G.) College of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital image

Located near ISBT Dehradun, the P.G. College of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital in Uttarakhand is a renowned educational institution and medical facility overseen by the Guru Nanak Dev Educational Society.

The institute has an affiliation with HNB Garhwal Central University and has obtained accreditation with a grade status by NAAC. It has also been approved by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Uttarakhand, and recognized by UGC, Indian Association of Physiotherapist, and Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi.

The college comprises various departments, including the college of paramedical, college of nursing, college of physiotherapy, college of education, and college of agro-science. Within the college of agro-science, there is a postgraduate program, M.Sc. Agriculture (Agronomy), which involves students in field activities such as land preparation, seed sowing, crop management, weeding, and management of insect pests and diseases.

19. Uttaranchal College of Science and Technology

Uttaranchal College of Science and Technology Image

Uttaranchal College of Science and Technology (UCST). UCST is affiliated to HNB Garhwal Central University and Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University. The College is approved by UGC and Government of Uttarakhand.

UCST offers UG and PG courses to students in various specialisations. A few such courses include B.Sc. in Agriculture (Hons.), Forestry (Hons.), Biotechnology, Microbiology, Bachelor in Library Science (B.Lib & I.Sc.), BCA, BBA, B.Com, BHA, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), MHA, M.A. Mass Communication, M.Sc. in Agronomy, Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Biotechnology, IT, Zoology, Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Environmental Science.

20. Uttaranchal University

Uttaranchal University (UU) image

Uttaranchal University consists of 12 schools, faculties and departments, offering a diverse range of academic programs at undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, doctoral and research levels.

The university offers a wide range of programs, including but not limited to: engineering, management, law, pharmaceutical sciences, applied and life sciences, agriculture, liberal arts, computing sciences, nursing, health sciences, hotel and hospitality management, and journalism and mass communication.

The curriculum of B.Sc. and M.Sc. programmes offered to students are designed as per the latest guidelines of UGC and follow a choice-based credit system. This inter-disciplinary programme offers a unique blend of courses including Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Physics etc.


The field of Biotechnology provide graduates with various opportunities and those seeking to establish a career, whether in research or as a scientist in allied profession.

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