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Top 20 Beard Styles In India

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Top 20 Beard Styles In India

Beards have traditionally been associated with manhood, money and honor. Even though there are a lot of different beard styles a lot of them have evolved from their traditional forms to more modern ones. It is highly likely that you have heard about No Shave November. This was of course one of the newest forms of mens beards that benefited a charitable purpose. This is not just a European but an Indian tendency that has been around for a while. 

Men have adopted desi beards more often and for different events as a result of the latest fashions affecting the fashion scenery. Check out this amazing collection of photographs if you are seeking for some inspiration for the best Indian beard styles for men. In this blog, we are going to discuss about new beard style 2024.

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List of New Indian Beard Styles for Men

The following are a few of the top beard styles:

1. Thick Stubble

Thick Stubbe Image

The ideal and most common type of beard that all men prefer to show off is a thick stubble. It looks the same as Virat Kohli beard style. It provides a tough macho style that radiates effortless cool.  This beard style goes well with many Western and Indian clothes making it perfect for guys who prefer to alternate between a full beard and a clean shave. The secret to this understated yet eye catching look is to carefully maintain a short, thick coating of stubble that is usually 3–7 millimeters in length.

2. Long Full Beard

Long full beard Image

This beard style which is distinguished by long hair is a fantastic choice for people with rectangular faces. When properly maintained this style which represents confidence and style looks good. It needs a great deal of patience as well as appropriate grooming. Do not cut your beard for at least four weeks if you want it to grow long and full. After that you can style it however you choose. Growing and maintaining a long luxuriant beard can be a life changing experience for those who are prepared to put in the time and effort. It gives those who have it a unique distinguished appearance that will turn heads everywhere they go.

3. Short Beard

The short beard boys beard style is a classy and elegant appearance that maintains the ideal balance between polished and rough. Its popularity has recently increased. The short beard preserves a clean polished appearance while yet enabling the wearer to highlight their male characteristics in contrast to the large bushy beards that were once popular. Simply shape and trim the hair on the cheeks, chin and neck so that only a few millimeters of well maintained beard remain in order to get the short beard look. 

4. Short Full Beard

Short full beard image

The traditional beard hairstyle that has been around for generations is the short thick beard which perfectly captures the rough mature nature of the person. The short full beard embraces a natural untamed appearance in contrast to the clean shaven or carefully trimmed goatee allowing the facial hair to grow out uniformly and thickly across the cheeks, chin and neck. This results in a commanding eye catching visage that exudes virility, strength and confidence. Those with thicker coarser hair growth are especially well suited to the short full beard since it lets the facial hair essential density and texture show through without any interference.

5. Trimmed Beard

Trimmed beard image

This type of beard comes from classic designs and is ideal for any formal occasion or to establish a professional look. Short hair that reaches the same length as the mustache characterizes this beard.  Professionals, creatives and anybody else looking to portray an aura of maturity and calmness are drawn to the trimmed beard because of its polished well maintained appearance which communicates grace and self assurance. In order to maintain the edges sharp and the length spread uniformly repeated trimmings are necessary to achieve the ideal trimmed beard. Cut the hair on your beard every day to keep it looking this way.

6. Short Patchy Beard

short patchy beard image

For the appropriate person a short spotty beard can be a striking and stylish appearance. The short patchy beard purposefully leaves certain parts of the face uncovered giving the image of effortless ruggedness as opposed to covering the entire face in thick luxurious hair. This particular style is typified by sporadic uneven hair growth. While certain parts of the cheeks, chin and neck may have a slightly larger concentration of hair other areas may just have a few scattered hairs. The beard naturally untidy slightly disheveled vibe can be attributed to its unevenness which gently conveys a casual presence. 

7. Thick Bushy Beard

Thick bushy beard image

This style is a really nice way to improve your appearance. Long thick hair that covers the majority of your jawline and chin area and stretches towards your neck is the hallmark of a thick bushy beard. You will need specific protective beard oils to keep your hair looking good and growing in this style. A thick bushy beard can redefine and entirely change a persons image making them stand out from the crowd and resembling an almost primal figure whether it is well groomed or let to grow untamed. It is a strong indisputable impression that conveys boldness and confidence.

8. Balbo Beard

Balbo beard image

Consider going for the Balbo Beard Style if you want to keep it short and sultry. This elegant well groomed French beard style complete with a soul patch is ideal for anybody looking to achieve modern fashion. This unique beard style is characterized by a neatly trimmed square shaped goatee that extends just past the corners of the mouth combined with clean shaven cheeks and a defined angular jawline. The Balbo beard takes its name from the Italian military commander and aviator Italo Balbo who famously sported this look during the early 20th century. 

9. Anchor Beard

Anchor beard image

In recent years the anchor beard has gained popularity as a unique beard style especially among men who want to look tough and strong. With this style the person long well groomed beard falls down from the chin to form a anchor shape that grabs attention and gives their appearance more authority and confidence. The anchor beard is well maintained with the sides of the face neatly cropped to let the chin hair take center stage in contrast to some other beard styles that might look disheveled or sloppy.

10. Circle Beard

circle beard image

A circular beard complements a round face and is a style for people who want to look well. One of the best beard styles for Indian guys with round faces is this one which is characterized by a mustache and a round chin. It is simple to keep and may be trimmed every day to achieve a tidy appearance.

This facial hairstyle, which has its roots in historical characters and ancient cultures has long been connected to thinkers creative types and independent thinkers. 

11. Extended Goatee

Extended goatee image

Tailback is another name for the extended goatee commonly referred to as the Hollywood Beard Style. In order to obtain the desired effect, people can experiment with numerous forms, lengths and even subtle color variations thanks to the extended goatee added volume and length. This style which is typified by a chinstrap that extends the goatee beard complements both informal and professional clothes.

12. Standard Goatee

standard goatee

The goatee beard style is most popular because of its contemporary appearance. The style bears an odd resemblance to the Billy Goats. The way to get this appearance is to cut your cheek hair shorter while keeping a small amount of hair on your chin. People with diamond or heart shaped faces look good in this design. The classic goatee conveys a sense of self assured carefree attitude whether paired with a dapper suit or a casual tshirt. The classic goatee has withstood the test of fashion and is still a preferred option for sophisticated gentlemen who wish to maintain a polished mature appearance.

13. Ducktail Beard

ducktail beard image

Men that are well-built and strong tend to look nice with a ducktail beard. This beard style, a variation on the traditional full beard, is defined by a naturally occurring moustache and long, pointed hair on the chin area that stretches on both sides toward the jawline.Whether sported by a dapper gentleman in a tailored suit or a rugged outdoorsman the ducktail beard exudes an effortless cool and confidence. Requiring dedication and skill to maintain the ducktail is a true mark of the well groomed man a beard hairstyle that demands attention and commands respect through its impeccable grooming and refined, distinguished appearance.

14. French Fork Beard

french fork beard image

The French Fork Beard is a unique and striking beard style that has gained favor again recently among people who want to maintain a classy professional appearance. This unusual beard style which originated in France has a cleanly trimmed symmetrical appearance. The chin hair is divided into two separate parallel portions that gently taper down into a delicate fork. The user of the French Fork Beard must regularly shape and trim the facial hair to keep the two “tines” of the fork precisely aligned which involves careful grooming and upkeep to produce the style with distinctive clean lines and precise symmetry. 

15. The Verdi Beard

The verdi beard image

The Verdi Beard is a unique and attractive beard haircut that bears the name of the well known Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. It has long been connected to refinement, elegance and artistic expression. This luxurious beard style which dates back to the 19th century has a luxuriant thick growth that covers the chin, cheeks and neck, with the upper lip left shaved to provide a dramatic contrast. The luscious well groomed appearance of the Verdi Beard conveys a sense of sophisticated masculinity transporting us to a bygone era when facial hair was a distinguishing feature for members of the upper class.

16. Short Stubble

short stuble image

In recent years many men have chosen to groom themselves with short stubble that is somewhat untidy yet a trendy style attained by leaving facial hair to grow in for a few days after shaving. The attractiveness of a short stubble is its capacity to convey a tough manly look without the time and effort needed to maintain a full beard. This understated facial hairstyle which straddles the line between completely bearded and clean shaven gives off an easygoing freshly out of bed attitude that has made it popular among models, celebrities and regular guys alike.

17. Chinstrap Beard

chinstrap beard image

Throughout history the chinstrap beard has seen phases of popularity as a unique beard style. This thin line of facial hair which gets its name from the chinstrap extends from one ear to the other along the jawline to provide the appearance of a well defined jawline. The chinstrap beard highlights the person facial characteristics by leaving the cheeks and upper lip uncovered in contrast to a full beard or goatee. In order to preserve the crisp linear aspect of this style careful trimming and grooming are necessary with the hair being kept short and evenly layered. For a more ornate appearance chinstrap beards can be worn alone or in conjunction with other facial hairstyles such as a mustache.

18. Mutton Chops Beard

Mutton chop beard image

A unique facial hair style with a long and illustrious history the mutton chops beard originated in the 19th century and gained popularity among Victorian era gentlemen. The mutton chops style is characterized by hair growing along the sides of the face going from the temples down to the jawline leaving the chin and upper lip clean-shaven in contrast to a normal beard that covers the entire lower face. This gives the face a framed almost theatrical appearance that highlights the cheekbones and eyes. The term “mutton chops” describes the dish because the lengthy sideburns resemble lamb chop meat. 

19. Soulpatch Beard

A unique and eye catching beard hair style that has gained popularity among many guys who want to look different is the Soulpatch beard. A soul patch beard is distinguished from a regular full beard or goatee by a tiny tuft of hair that is grown only on the chin somewhat below the lower lip. This thin line of facial hair draws attention to the persons chin and produces an almost unique point of concentration giving the appearance of being interesting and even mysterious. There are many different ways to style and maintain a soulpatch beard ranging from closely cropped and well groomed to a little longer and rougher looking.

20. Horseshoe Beard 

horseshoe beard image

The horseshoe beard is a striking beard style that has long been associated with rough masculinity and independent expression. Its distinctive curving shape frames the mouth. The horseshoe beard which takes its cue from the traditional full beard draws emphasis to the chin and jawline giving the appearance a commanding, bold appearance. In order to obtain the famous horseshoe silhouette the user must meticulously shape and groom the hair on the upper lip and cheeks leaving only a thick well defined strip of hair that curves down along the jaw from the sideburns.


The study of India top 20 beard styles comes to an exciting end that showcases the variety of beard trends that have captured the attention of people on the subcontinent. The variety of beard styles on display in India is a true testament to the nation cultural diversity and creative flair ranging from the regal and distinguished full beard styles that evoke a sense of timeless sophistication to the more contemporary and edgy goatee and stubble looks that exude a youthful urban flair.

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